About the Wine Media Guild

The Wine Media Guild is an association of wine communicators dedicated to providing wine information and education. Established in the early 1970s, the Guild is open to wine writers regardless of residency. Most, but not all, members live and work in the metropolitan New York City area. The membership includes authors, freelance writers, journalists at major newspapers, magazines or broadcast media and internet writers. The Guild holds monthly themed educational tasting luncheons at a top New York restaurant, with leading wine industry figures as speakers (see the calendar).

To become a member: you must be a professional wine writer/communicator/educator, be sponsored by three current members of the Guild, attend three meetings before submitting the application, submit copies of three articles or broadcasts or one book published within 12 months of your application date. Application fee is $55.00 and annual dues are $55.00.

For more information or an application to join the Guild, please contact one of the Co-Chairs:


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